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Stand up desks are not a new idea. They have been around since the Victorian era.

Much has been written recently about the benefits of standing while working versus sitting. Standing is said to be better on one's back. Sitting at a desk all day can cause one to hunch over. Standing helps eliminate the tendency to hunch over while working. And standing has the added benefit of increasing one's metabolism.

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill were both said to stand while working. More recently, Donald Rumsfeld often works at a standup desk.

Many modern standup desks are made out of aluminum and have an industrial look. Personally,I prefer a solid wood stand up desk, like the one pictured at the right.

It is critical when considering purchasing a stand up desk to be certain that you have the desk made to the right height for you.

Many people experiment with a setup on a table prior to purchasing a standup desk. Some have used a sturdy shelf propped up with milk crates sitting on a table to practice working on and toy with until finding just the right height..

When working at a standup desk one should be sure to have a footrail at the bottom of the desk. It is also recommended to have a high quality floor mat to stand on while working at the standing desk.
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